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"A qui profite la tech for good" is a podcast created with funding from the European Union in partnership with the Wetellstories production company and the SOLVO collective.


Audio slideshow linked to the report "African Cup of Istanbul" We follow the day of Osman, goalkeeper for the Ghana team.

Sound slideshow linked to the "Masculinity" project about the story of Adrien, drag queen and member of the "Maculinity" show, which questions norms of masculinity.


Sound slideshow recounting the life of an actor and actress over 70 years old. After an active professional and family life, far from the cameras. Now retired, they have both decided to become film actors. A new life opens up for them as theirs comes to an end.


Teaser for a documentary series on the life of a Kebab restaurant in Paris. A project realized with the production company IKO.

Communauté de l'Arche du caillou blanc, Johanna, Ronan et Ginette..jpg

Audio slideshow produced for La Croix newspaper on the life of the Ark community. It welcomes people with mental and physical disabilities. It offers them work and hospital care.

Audio slideshow produced for the newspaper La Croix on the professions that bring the Palace of Versailles to life.

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