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Born in Belgium in 1988, I grew up in Vietnam and then in France.

I began observing how our society is portrayed at an early age. I used to draw thousands of photos from
photographers I admired, such as Raimond Depardon, James Natchew, Vivian Meier and Nan Goldin. It
was following Sebastião Salgado's advice that I began studying sociology. The photographer advised:
"Before picking up a camera, study social sciences in order to tell stories in a better way."

During my degree in sociology, I spent a year in Istanbul at the University of Galatasaray. I discovered
Turkish society and its issues in depth through its social and political movements, both in sociology
classes and outside by photographing it. That's when I realized that my passion for photography allowed
me to tell stories.

I began studying documentary photography in association with the city of Perpignan and the Visa pour
l'Image festival. I began my career as a photojournalist by financing my reports in Turkey. For three
years, I followed the changes in this fascinating country. I worked with media such as Libération, Der
Spiegel and ELLE.

The #metoo movement profoundly changed my photographic writing to turn towards long term and
intimate stories. Having covered a wide range of photographic practices, from conflict zones to politics
and portraiture, it's in the intimate that I've come into my own as a photographer.

Since 2019, I have been working on gender and the construction of masculinity.








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Exibitions & Participations

March 2022 - «Un certain regard» Photography Festival in Namur, Belgium. Talk about my work entitled The Masculinities.

June 2021 -"The Masculinities" are exhibited at the Dortmund Festival. As part of the main theme of the Dortmund festival on gender, the project "Masculinities" is exhibited in the main exhibition of the festival.

April 2021 - Lagardère Foundation Young talents grant - photography category. Finalist of the Lagardère foundation grant for my work on masculinity.

February 2019 - Exhibition space Jemmaps La Grange Aux Belles Paris. Exhibition of the documentary "A circus on the Syrian border" my work about the the Syrian refugee crisis in Turkey at the espace Jemmaps de La Grange Aux Belles.

May 2008 - Mediterranean Women’s Fund Photography contest. Second place winner in the category «single picture»

March 2018 - NOOR agency Workshop. Participation in the NOOR agency workshop with the photographers Pep Bonet and Benedicte Kurzen.

September 2016 - Visa Pour l'Image Festival Nominated in the category Daily Press. Nominated in the category "Daily Press" for the report "Cumhury, a newspaper in resistance" for the online magazine "LesJours". A report on the resistance of the journalists of the opposition daily newspaper, a large part of whose editorial sta has been subjected to the purges of Turkish President Erdogan and send to jail.

July 2015 - Images Singulières Festival Sète (France) Projection of the photographic documentary "It's only happiness" during the festival.

June 2014 - Exhibition at Fiction & Documentary
festival of Carcassonne (France).
"It's only happiness" serie.

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