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As strong as Turkish women soccers

Today at the Ankara suburb, the football lig Özgür Lig preparing a match. Players who rented a field for one hour to play with their friends are taking a interested look at this unusual team. They don’t miss their shirt with the inscription Sportif Lezbon on the back and « I love women orgasme » on the front.


The match start, Selin was a professional soccer player is managing her team as if it was a national match. Instead of the usual publicity poster, their is the LGBT flag and some political slogans. Selin go forward, makes dribles and put a goal on the cage :


"Making goal with the sound of the supporters screaming « Lesbian forward lick the carpet » it’s realy showing who I am : a lesbian soccer."


Few years ago, Selin wasn’t taking a great plaisure to play football despite the felling of freedom that her shirt was giving to her, she had to ide her difference :


"When I was playing in a feminist lig, they was constant controls about our sexuality. The coach was looking to the girls and a girl from my team was fired because he thought that she was lesbian."


With the Sportif Lezbon she fell that « an other football is possible » and she invest herself as if she was at the word cup even if their is no winner and no loser in this lig. Football clubs are a realy important part of the turkish society and supporters groups are well view to have taken a part of the Gezi protest in 2003 against the governement policy. For her, football is a way to reach every part of the society in a country with a lot of minorities and social identities. We are going follow Selin and Melahat and all the team until the end of the Özgür Lig. We will discover their intimicy and the quotidien life of this unusual players, in a country where their is no homosexual right yet.

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